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Welcome to my website , over the years i have wanted to make it easier to repair, clean ect my motorcycle ,without having to get onto my hands and knees, which seems to get more uncomfortable the older you get, so to do this i decided to build a hydraulic table that lifts to the height that i want to work at ,have made 3 of these now and added improvements each time,i have used mine to lift my 1200 bandit with no problems,

Now that i think that i have got the lift so i dont think it can be improved i have decided the sell the plans,to make an affordable lift to anyone who wants one,

These lifts can be made by anyone that has basic fabrication skills,    uses   2 ton trolley jack to lift to required height

Has been drawn by myself using autocad  to my own dimensions , and i own the copyright to these plans.

9 pages of detailed plans with instructions,cutting lists and fabrication drawings, i have made as simple as possible to understand.

Comes in plastic covered binder to keep it clean,

wide enougth to lift bike on paddock stands if required, lifts from 180mm up to 800mm

Have been selling on ebay and have 100% feedback ,see feedback page for a sample of feedback received



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